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New hints - February 24

New hints have been added in the game sheet indicating profitability of properties. This should help you chose right investments to buy.

Filtering tasks - January 2

New filtering options have been added in tasks section.

Best team of the 2013 - December 31

Congratulations to the team 'Wiejski Punk', which managed to stay ahead of team 'Druzyna Epikurów' in the whole 2013 ranking:

team number of victories
Wiejski Punk Wiejski Punk 587 victories (55% - 1065 games)
Drużyna Epikura Drużyna Epikura 564 victories (45% - 1264 games)
Zielone Wzgórze Zielone Wzgórze 341 victories (42% - 808 games)
ZPG ZPG 207 victories (39% - 537 games)
United Farms United Farms 130 victories (36% - 363 games)

The Farmer of the 2013 - December 31

And the winner is... senti ! Congratulations! It was him, who won the most XP in the whole year of 2013.
And this is the TOP-10 (XP won in 2013 in single player games):

rankplayerXP won
1senti Wiejski Punk 42,809
2gonzal Traperzy 24,252
3kubanczyk Zielone Wzgórze 23,588
4slawomir United Farms 22,884
5texas Wiejski Punk 21,064
6sicen Spółka Farmerów 17,547
7opik Zielone Wzgórze 17,392
8aniawator Terra Nova 16,950
9flaming Drużyna Epikura 15,144
10reiss Drużyna Epikura 14,553

Free premium account for everyone! - October 10

From now on the 30-day premium account costs absolutely nothing! Activate it for free here!

The Birthday Contest is over - 26 September

The contest is over - congratulations galmari!

7th birthday and the Birthday Contest - 25 August

Let's celebrate the 7th birthday of the Farmersi game with a new contest for the best player! Find out more details and good luck!

Player's 3D evaluation - 21 March

Player's evaluation has been added in 3 dimensions: activity in the game, level of playing and social rating.

New requirement for apprentice rank - 29 January

A new requirement has been added for the apprentice and grand master rank.

Task statistics added - 25 November

Task games statistics have been added.

Saloon decreases gunslinger costs - 21 November

From now on if you have a saloon, your gunslinger costs will be decreased by 50%!

New town - San Diego - 19 November

A new town has been launched - San Diego, with a really twisted configuration. You'll play in a team with a bot, whom you can give some instructions. Good luck!

Upper XP limit lifted - 10 November

From now on there is no upper experience point (XP) limit to join regular games (experienced players may play with newbies).

League statistics - 26 September

Individual league statistics have been added.

Learn from the best #4 - 3 May

See the case study presenting, how one team crushed another one thanks to smart strategy and great cooperation!

Quarter of a million players! - 10 April

Yesterday we exceeded 250.000 game registrations in the game!

Learn from the best #3 - 2 April

See the new case study presentation about smart traps and action twists in 4 games!

Learn from the best #2 - 25 March

Learn the story of 3 cattle breeders, mice, grain thieves and the need to look at the goal of the game - ladies and gentlemen, specially for you a case study presenting an awesome victory in Sacramento.

Facebook login - 22 March

From now on you may sign up to the game and login with your Facebook account. If you already play Farmersi use the 'Connect' option after regular login.

Learn from the best #1 - 20 March

See the story of an awesome team victory in Richmond.

New investment: bank - 29 February

What would be the Wild West without a bank? It's there! The new property is now available in 10 towns: Deadwood, Virginia City, Farmersi Town, Denver, Colfax, Gettysburg, Hadleyburg, San Miguel, Wilcze Echa and Orlando. Its income depends on the amount of interest paid by all players.

Tango Down contest - 14 February

We wish all the best to those in love, and lots of love for those seeking it!
Please join our Tango Down romantic operation in Valentine City. Only mixed pairs can play there and the town will be burned to ground after the contest is over. Have fun!

Advertisment- 14 February

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Wiejski Punk xaramon - 3.2 (4 victories, 5 games)
Wiejski Punk ceresyta - 2.7 (1 victory, 1 game)
Miejscy Farmerzy maly - 2.5 (1 victory, 1 game)
Zielone Wzgórze maw - 2.5 (1 victory, 1 game)
Klub Farmera krzepa - 2 (1 victory, 1 game)
Wiejski Punk krepel - 2 (1 victory, 1 game)
Miejscy Farmerzy kargas - 2 (3 victories, 7 games)
Drużyna Epikura paypass - 1.7 (1 victory, 2 games)
Traperzy elo - 1.6 (1 victory, 2 games)
Wiejski Punk rolniko - 1.2 (1 victory, 2 games)

Farmer of the Month in June: szarylis Wiejski Punk - 6.37 (24 victories, 60 games)


Wiejski Punk - 2 victories (67% of 3 games)
Drużyna Epikura - 1 victory (50% of 2 games)
Miejscy Farmerzy - 0 victories (0% of 2 games)

Master of the Day:

elo Traperzy 1869_Denver_5622a_L2 (+142 XP)
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